Java Puzzles

Nothing new for a week, but saw a set of puzzles which attempt to promote “good” programming and awareness of bugs that may crop up when bad programming practices are applied.

Some of the morals in the 8 puzzles include:

  • Avoid mixed-arithmetic computation
  • Use parenthesis to make clear your comparison intention
  • Use .equals() for object comparison instead of ==
  • Do not depend on interned string for program correctness
  • Do not assign to a single variable twice in a single statement
  • The postfix ++ operator increments the value, but returns the old value.
  • Document your intention when using & and |. Usually && and || should be used.
  • Never use exceptions for normal flow.
  • Avoid complicated initialization sequences, choose EITHER lazy or eager init, but never both.
  • int arithmetic overflows silently.
  • Math.abs(Integer.MIN_VALUE) == Integer.MIN_VALUE
  • If you can’t see a method, you cannot override it.
  • Don’t use background threads in initialization – leads to lock-free deadlock!

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