Best Practices – General

Other topics in the book did not have significant points (at this moment in time) for me to bring up. However certain bits and pieces keep recurring throughout the topics and are worth mentioning:

Consider Internationalization From the Start

If you’re doing an “Enterprise” application, always I18N your Strings. Especially on the JSPs. For database design, locale-specific fields should be normalized to another table with and additional locale column.

Design First, Optimize Later

Make sure you have a good design before you think about how to make your code run better. Don’t keep optimizing your code, let it go once it works (i.e. passes test case). Instead of worrying how well your code runs, think of the other business functions you have yet to fulfil.

In the end the code may not need to be optimized (maybe due to good design). Even if there is a need to, good design makes it easy to perform such optimizations. If optimization is considered first, the benefit may not be necessary, or further optimization is difficult later and hindered by poor design.

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