JavaMail / Activation

Javamail is the standard answer for mail access using Java. Currently supported protocols are SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. In short it means you can send outgoing mail using SMTP, receive email using POP3, and I’m not familiar with IMAP, though I remember having it in my Networking course. I think IMAP’s mails are stored and manipulated on the server, as opposed to POP3 mails which are downloaded (generally).

Using the classes was rather easy to me, partly because I am familiar with the SMTP/POP3 protocol (telnet and manually send/receive mails). Might be a good experience for you to try it (the telnet) too, to understand protocols on top of TCP. Online examples also help me to cut&paste code quickly.

Once peculiar thing is that Javamail depends on the JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF). I’ve seen it around for some time, but never really knew what it was and what it does. I finally learnt that the activation framework handles MIME types (but how?) and so was useful in the JavaMail package. JavaMail was the only library that really used activation for a few years until web services came along. Web services which uses SOAP calls had MIME types as their encoding.

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