So you know how to code…

Most entry programmers learn how to program procedurally first, understanding that program instructions run one after another. Subsequently they learn control flow (if/else/for/while) and functions to modularize their code.

With these, one can almost write amazing programs. So where should we go from here?

For OO langauges like Java/.Net, I think there are two directions from here. One is to go lower level, to understand the foundation of the language, syntax, types, basic classes, including OO concepts like encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism. This can be translated towards the Java Programmer certification. The other is to go higher level, to understand software architecture, data structures and design patterns. This will allow for better software that may be more efficient, maintainable and/or scalable.

The two directions are not XOR (one but not the other). Instead they are both as important. Looking at how other people write may also help in grasping style and technique, even identifying anti-patterns (style/design that should be AVOIDED).

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