Task: Play MobTV video on Creative Zen Vision W.

MobTV explicitly states Creative Zen Vision W cannot play their video. We realized the videos uses Microsoft’s Digital Rights Management (DRM), and requires a unique machine-dependant license file to play the video. This can be obtained by logging into MobTV as prompted when the video starts.

Although Zen specification states that it is using Windows Media Player (WMP), it seems unlikely that it will be able to establish an internet connection to MobTV to acquire the license.

Fortunately we were able to find a tool for removing the protection on the file. The site also provided a detailed description on the algorithm used by Microsoft for protecting the media.

Once the video has been unprotected, it can be converted into a Zen playable format and transferred to the device for viewing pleasure.

— Disclaimer —

This article is meant to be educational. I am not responsible for any damage to your device should you decide to try any of the steps mentioned in this article.

This article helps users with VALID MobTV licenses to view their video on a mobile device. Users are not supposed to share their non-protected content with others who do possess the necessary MobTV licenses.

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