Code markup

Yes, like many others I have realized the troublesome-ness of posting code in WordPress. There’s no need for me to re-iterate the problem since this site [1] has done it perfectly I feel. The Problem analysis, Alternatives such as off-the-shelf plugins, selected Solution, Usage and Tests look just like a perfect project to me.

However, the plugin didn’t work for me at first, nothing was being escaped at all. The same symptoms appeared. The plugin didn’t work with WP 2.0’s WYSI[N]WYG editor, and there was advise to disable the editor under the post comments. Despite disabling it at Options>Writing, the Visual Rich Editor still persistently appeared! Finally this quicktip [2] taught me the correct way to disable it, so now I am writing without the Visual Editor! I’ll probably be better staying this way with the TechBlog due to the amount of code I post.

[1] WordPress Plugin: Code Autoescape
[2] QuickTip: Turn Off WordPress 2.0 Visual Editor

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