System Quality

A lot of software is being produced today. Yet I personally feel that there are many that do not meet quality standards. Granted, there’s no perfect system and bugs will exist in systems, but how many are really satisfied with the system the wrote? How many admit to themselves that despite being launched, it’s not good at all?

Reading this reminds me of the comparison between completion and success. Systems that get to production are just completed but may be barely usable, or even helpful in the production environment. I’ve seen systems that are so difficult to use and buggy that manual processes have to be employed in tandem with the system. It actually results in double work instead of achieving any efficiency.

In this era where software houses compete to offer the lowest price to build a system; where anyone can pick up a book or read an online tutorial and be able to code; the quality of systems will only hit an all-time low. When that happens software will not be bought because it is cheaper (or even free), but at how stable it is and how well it is able to perform its intended function. This should help promote the necessity for the quality of system, and in turn, the quality of developers.

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