Java Virtual Hosting

I had a client recently who wanted a functional website built. By functional I meant he cared more about the features of his site than the design. Due to the site requirements and manpower issues on my side I initially recommended a Java web host. However as I started out in search of one, I soon realize that it was more challenging than I perceived.

Firstly, there were few Java web hosts. Despite being free to implement, there were many more PHP and ASP web hosts. Several blogs reasoned that there was difficulty supporting it, such as sharing JVM instances and Tomcat restarting.

Secondly, many of those Java web hosts I found did not come cheap. Due to the abovementioned reason those that do support it charge higher for it. There were some that were cheap, but those had shared instances or did not really know how to maintain a servlet engine. Some don’t allow restarts.

Thirdly, there isn’t that much demand in Java virtual hosting. This also added to the cost factor. Projects small enough will usually go for PHP or alternative technologies that are easier to implement, manage and have cheaper virtual hosting solutions. Projects big enough to use Java would have purchased their own boxes to deal with it.

Given these factors I would probably switch the project to PHP or not take it at all than to risk an unstable deployment.

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