VirtualBox vs VMWare

Although I run Ubuntu, I seriously need Windows simulation for some reasons, such as running my company VPN client. So I’ve been looking at VMWare which I used to run Windows as guest on a Windows box. I’m resisting to building software myself, as I’m trying to use Ubuntu as a Windows user — and Windows people don’t build software (as in compile themselves). So I had problems with VMWare. I looked at WINE briefly, but I didn’t install it as I was not convinced that its model would allow me to run my VPN client on Ubuntu. I checked out alternative VPN solutions (vpnc) but it didn’t work out.

Today I found a preferable alternative: VirtualBox. Its free, open source, and light. I attempted to install it from Synaptic, but I couldn’t start the VM due to this error: “kernel driver not installed” and prompted me to install virtualbox-ose-modules-generic. I tried to do that but it wouldn’t allow me, saying its dependency was not fulfilled.

By luck I went to check my kernel version with “uname -r” and found that my kernel is “2.6.24-19-generic”, and Synaptic was trying to install “2.6.24-20-generic”, as the default module installs the latest, which is 20. I manually selected and install the “virtualbox-ose-modules-2.6.24-19-generic”, and it worked!

(Note: some additional steps I took were to add myself to the vboxusers group and relogin before start VirtualBox, and to mount the CD after starting up the VM. I write this in case the next time I reinstall my OS I forgot what I did)

So while I’m waiting for XP to install I’m noting all these down. At the minimum I know I will have XP running as guest on my Ubuntu.

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