From the same people who brought CCleaner, here’s Defraggler. I’ve not tried it personally yet, but I need to get it down here before I lose it again. (I often lose links, so its one of the purposes of this site.)

It’s free, compact, and it allows single file defrag. Sometimes its just that one big file that you load often, and you want it fast. So this is a program I’ve dreamed of.

StringBuffer obsession

For those of you who are obsessed with reusing StringBuffers, take a look at this. They’re good for adding strings up, but once you’re done, throw it away and get a new one. There’s no need to clear it and use it again.

Like what I say, too much of anything is no good.

btw this was talking about JDK1.4 in 2003. It’s probably worth a re-investigation 5 years from then, in JDK6 (or 7).