VirtualBox remote access

VirtualBox supports RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), which can be enabled by the following steps.

  1. Power off the Guest machine (doesn’t work in saved state).
  2. Click “Settings” to configure the settings for the VM.
  3. Select the Remote Display tab, check “Enable VRDP Server”.
  4. If you’re on Windows you might need to change the server port because it may conflict with the Remote Desktop for Windows.
  5. Click “OK”.

Start the VM, and run “mstsc /v:hostname:port” from another box to Remote Desktop into the VM.

What I’ve experienced is that the mouse speed is not synchronized, so it becomes difficult to navigate even when I change the mouse sensitivity to be approximately the same. I also haven’t figure out how to have authentication with this method.

Another possible way I’ve yet to succeed is to use Ubuntu’s built in vnc server.

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