Skype “Call to …, no answer”

I kept getting this error when I tried to call my conference meeting center with Skype. At first I thought it was just not getting through, when I realize it didn’t work with echo123 too. The error message was:

Call to skype test call, no answer

Google tells me the problem was due to my audio settings. In my case the speaker was pointing to the wrong device, and the call went through after changing it. You can get to your audio settings by going to Tools > Options > General > Audio Settings.

The error message should have provided more information e.g. “Call to …, no answer. Please check your audio settings.”.

code stench

Avoid referencing resources by absolute paths as they are likely to end up in jars. Depend on a delegated strategy which uses Class.getResourceAsStream().

Avoid using i18n for non language purposes. It should be used solely for text shown on the screen. Code properties should be kept in property files. And vice versa.