Useful Software

Mozilla Firefox
[freeware] [win] [linux] [mac] [opensource]
Popular web browser, alternative to Internet Explorer. Has good Tabbing, skins, addons (plugins) and RSS features.
Recommended Plugins: DownThemAll, IE Tab (Windows only), FireFTP

[freeware] [win] [unix/linux] [mac] [opensource]
Short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, it is an open-source image editor, alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Its features are comparable to Photoshop, though if you’re used to Photoshop you will have problems on adapting to the differences.

Simple Socket File Transfer (ssft)
[freeware] [win] [python] [noinstall]
Nifty utility to transfer files over raw TCP connections. Must have for geek to geek file transfers. Able to connect both ways for either-way transfer. Supports resume and error-checking. GUI available only in Windows.

[freeware] [win] [noinstall]
Simple Hex editor, lets you edit and search in binary files.

GOM Player (Media Player)
Spybot – Search and Destroy (Spyware Scanner)
VirtualDub (Video Editor)
JEdit (Text Editor) Syntax highlighting and Diff plugin. Requires Java.
Notepad++ (Text Editor) Syntax highlighting, no Diff tool. Does not require Java.
Pixlr (Online Image Editor) No download/installation required.

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