Combine physical disks into one logical drive

Got asked this interesting question today. Usually I hear one big physical disk split into multiple logical drives, but this time a single logical drive made up of smaller physical disks is desired.

I think RAID 0 fits this scenario, but to store a piece of file equally in 2 places for personal use (not a server) looks pretty useless to me. If one disk breaks, you’re left with half of every file, which is no different from breaking both. As compared to if you had two logical drives on two disks, if one disk break, you have the other disk with some complete files.

Are there other alternatives?


Fed up with the Windows Explorer message that I can’t delete a folder, because it’s locked. By who? I closed my Firefox and Eclipse and it’s still there. Short of killing my explorer.exe process like I always tool, I checked out a freeware tool called Unlocker.

Right-clicking the offending folder from Explorer and selecting Unlocker showed me it was really Explorer, but I had an option to “Unlock” it instead of killing the process. Quickly done.

Note: Remember to uncheck all other options when you install the tool (such as eBay shortcuts). I’m not sure what Assistant does, I unchecked it too.