Section page orientation in OpenOffice Writer

Used to Microsoft Word’s style of creating a single document with different page orientations (portrait/landscape), I was having much trouble doing the same in OpenOffice Writer.

In Word, you could insert a new section, and go to Page Setup to switch the section page orientation to landscape.

In Writer, a section has a different meaning, although it could be used for columns as well.

To do the same in Writer, you have to:

  1. ‘Styles and Formatting’ box, click ‘Page Styles’.
  2. Right click on ‘Default’, select ‘New’.
  3. Name it ‘Default Landscape’.
  4. change the ‘Next Style’ to ‘Default Landscape’.
  5. Click on the ‘Page’ tab and set the orientation to Landscape.
  6. Click ‘OK’.
  7. Create another style called ‘Default Portrait’, this time setting the orientation to Portrait.

Now you can switch orientation by inserting a page break and selecting a different page style.


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