JAXP – Java API for XML Processing

XML has grown to become important over the years, and it is natural that Java gradually adds support to it. Started from external packages in JDK1.3, core JDK1.5 now has JAXP 1.3 in it. JDK1.4 had JAXP version 1.2. Now java.net offers JAXP 1.3 as a standalone package so that JDK1.3 can make use of JAXP as well. However the bundle has no technical support (use at your own risk).

JAXP contains API to CRUD XML, both DOM and SAX. Thats alot of acronyms in one sentence… For DOM you create or obtain a Document, then manipulate elements and attributes within the document. DOM manipulation works generally the same for both Java and Javascript, since they adhere to the DOM specifications. For SAX you hook up handlers to perform tasks when start/end tags are encountered.

Transformers in the JAXP package allows you easily transform XML from one form to another, though I’ve only tried transforming it to a file. Handy output properties during transformation allow formatted output to make it more readable.

This post is purposely made very abstract — commenting very generally on JAXP. However it should contain enough keywords to allow searching for how to perform certain tasks. Dwelling into XML, DOM and SAX can potentially drag very long, with little benefits since there’s so much information out there already.

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